Apply now to receive books donation!

There are several small-scale European-based organizations that we have supported for several years with the books that we collect. This has many advantages, both for us and for the projects we support.

Because of the small scale, there is a direct and personal contact between the organization in Europe and the project in the developing country. Therefore the cooperation is clear and we have a good idea about what is happening with the books that have been donated by Read to Grow.

We therefore ask projects always to send feedback after the arrival of the books in the form of a letter, photographs, and film material. In this way, we can be sure that the books have arrived and are used correctly.

Some so many adults and children go through life without ever having read a book. In developing countries, books are scarce and very expensive.

Without books, the door to knowledge and progress remains closed. Many people remain in a vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy, instead of developing their talents and bringing change to their community through knowledge and experience.

Categories | 7 Book categoies

Both existing organizations and potential new participants can apply for books.

It is important to identify which categories of books your project needs.

Category D

These are books/novels and magazines for adults.

Category E

These are educational books, book series and readers designed for lessons in schools such as: mathematics, geography, spelling, history, biology, etc.

Category I

These are informative books and magazines dealing with certain topics such as: machines, dogs, plants, astronomy, cars, the human body, etc. We have these books available for all ages, but the biggest part is mainly intended for secondary school students.

Application Form

We will treat your application after you’ve completed this form and we have received it from you. 

Once your application is approved the dispatch will be prepared. You will
receive a message when your book boxes are ready.

The costs

• The transportation of the books to the project will be paid for by your organization.
• For the protection and transportation we need book boxes. We need to charge you for €5 per box.

• 0 – 75 boxes: please take care of this when you come to collect the books;
• more than 75 boxes: please pay into the Read to Grow account,
NL87 ABNA 0624 3537 53, one week prior to collection.

The books, which you will receive for your project are a gift from the heart of many children and adults. Read to Grow, its donors and all people involved would like to see these books handled properly and with care. That is why Read to Grow asks you to sign this agreement upon receipt of the books for your project. With your signature, you declare that your organization will meet all the criteria stated below.


  • Within 6 months after the collection of the books:
    • Your organization will send a letter confirming the receipt of books, signed by the local management of the project (for instance: a signature of the director of the school which has received the books).
    • Your organization will send a minimum of 5 pictures, still or live, showing the books and the receivers. Read to Grow is authorized to use this material to illustrate to those concerned, what actually happens with the books.
  • At most 3 years after the collection of the books your organisation will send an evaluation of the usage of the books.
  • Your organization will see to it
    • that, under no circumstance, the books fall into the hands of a commercial party.
    • that the books are handled properly and are placed in a separate area in bookcases.
    • that the books are accessible to the target group as much as possible in a reading area with tables and chairs.
    • that the books will not be loaned in case there is a risk that they will not be returned.
  • Your organization takes care of the transport of the books from the Netherlands to your project. If you cannot organize this, please contact a Dutch NGO to organize this for you.

Read to Grow will only continue its cooperation with your organization when you are able to show that your organization has met all of the above-mentioned criteria after arrival of the books.

What happens after you apply?

After filling out the form below all applications will be handled by Els Kablau. You will then receive a response within 1 month.